Carpet Underlay

A good quality carpet is nothing without an equally good underlay, which is why we choose to supply and work with top quality carpet underlay from Sleepyhead Flooring. We recommend replacing existing underlay to get the best out of your carpet purchase. You will definitely notice the difference when choosing a premium product.

Foam underlay is the most popular choice in carpet underlay as it offers a high quality product at affordable pricing. Sleepyhead carpet underlay is made solely with foam that is manufactured locally from 100% recycled raw materials.

Features and Benefits

Installing a top quality carpet underlay will not only make your carpet feel more luxurious, but will provide extra cushioning underfoot, provide a warmer dryer home and will even extend the lifespan of your carpet.

Underlay is measured on two factors – The thickness of the underlay (e.g. 11mm) and the density of the underlay (e.g. 120kg). These two qualities make up the rating of the product, and is what each product is known by e.g. 11mm/120kg. The thickness and density combine together to provide a variety of benefits including:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation

Why Choose Sleepyhead Underlay?

Sleepyhead is a well-known and trusted NZ brand, who manufacture their carpet underlay locally, and environmentally. Unlike some inferior imported product, Sleepyhead underlay is manufactured solely with foam that is heat bonded and laminated to produce an incredibly stable product that inhibits stretch and shrinkage. All Sleepyhead carpet underlay products have a 5 Star rating for moisture resistance so you can be confident your Sleepyhead Flooring underlay is helping keep your house dry and free of allergens, as well as being tested and passed by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority and/or AgResearch to the NZ standard AS 4288:2003 Soft Underlay for Textile Floor Coverings.

Luxury Range Underlay

The Luxury products are the top of the Sleepyhead underlay range. These products are the thickest and densest, and therefore have the highest ratings in thermal and acoustic insulation whilst feeling the most luxurious underfoot. A good quality carpet paired with a top of the line underlay offers the ultimate in luxurious comfort and long lasting quality, giving you the best from your carpet purchase.

The two options of Luxury Range underlay that we stock are:

10mm/90kg – suitable for commercial, rental and low budget residential

Offers great comfort underfoot with affordable pricing. This is the most popular product for the budget conscious whilst still providing a quality product. This underlay offers all of basic features required to compliment your carpet.

undelay 10mm - Underlay

11mm/120kg – suitable for high end residential/premium luxury

Offers excellent levels of comfort and premium cushioning underfoot. One of the most popular products in the Luxury range. Durable and hard wearing, this product offers premium star rating qualities.

underlay 11mm - Underlay