Carpet Fibres


Made from synthetic fibres, this is the least expensive carpet fibre, available in various colours and piles. Typically considered a less durable fibre than most other synthetic carpet fibres, Polypropolene is more resistant to water-based stains than nylon. Often used for outdoor carpets and damp basements because of its quick-drying and mould-resisting qualities. Ideal for rentals or tight budgets, as well as playrooms, garages, basements, damp/outdoor areas and light duty commercial.

Solution Dyed Polypropolene

A plush version of the standard Polypropolene, this carpet comes in various colours, piles and thicknesses. Naturally stain and abrasion resistant, however not as durable as Triexta. Ideal for residential, development and new builds.


Nylon is a very strong synthetic fibre, and as such it stands up very well to abrasion. It is also highly resilient, and has very good texture retention to maintain its original appearance. Generally more expensive than other synthetic fibres and due to its absorbent fibre is less stain resistant, unless protected with a stain treatment. Ideal for rental, residential and commercial.

Solution Dyed Nylon

A man-made fibre with long-term resilience, durability, superior stain resistance, anti-static, fade, odour and mildew resistant. Due to the solution dying process happening during production of the fibre, rather than dyeing after production, the colour is part of the fibre, making it permanent and fade resistant. Spills are also unable to attach themselves to the fibre’s cells to create stains. Ideal for rentals and smaller residential, high traffic areas, and is suitable for families with children and pets.

Solution Dyed Polyester

Polyester is a soft carpet which is a naturally stain resistant fibre and in solution dyed form is very fade resistant. Made from recycled PET, Polyester is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibres, much more so than nylon. Although not as durable as nylon, polyester appears much more vibrant with a high lustre appearance, this carpet fibre gives good performance and a luxury feel at an affordable price. Idea for residential, development and new builds.


This eco-friendly fibre is extremely hard wearing and durable, is similar in appearance to nylon with a significantly softer finish, and primarily more resilient than conventional polyester. Triexta is manufactured using biotechnology utilising corn glucose in place of petroleum, making them eco-friendly. Much more stain resistant than nylon, Triexta does not absorb easily, is not as resilient as nylon but more so than conventional polyester. Ideal for residential and commercial.


Made from 100% natural fibre, wool is the most luxurious feeling carpet, yet durable and hardwearing. Good resistance to soiling, however is less stain resistant than most synthetic fibres due to it being very absorbent. Considered fire flame resistant, wool will char rather than burn, and does have a tendency to fade more than solution dyed products. Wool has both natural sound and heat insulation properties. A premium flooring material, wool is ideal for residential and commercial.

Wool Blends

Wool blend carpets are made from a mix of wool and synthetic fibres. This gives the carpet the resilience and durability of nylon fibres whilst maintaining the natural appearance and luxurious feel of wool at a reduced cost to 100% wool. This carpet is ideal for rentals, residential and commercial.