Carpet Styles

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levelloop - Carpet StylesLoop Pile

Continuous looped threads of the same height, loop pile carpets are hear wearing, durable and tend not to show tracking as much as other carpet styles.

berber - Carpet StylesBerber

Berber is a modern loop pile carpet that has a similar appearance of traditionally woven Berber carpets. This style of carpet has a base colour containing small flecks of contrasting colour throughout, and are hard wearing and resilient to crushing.

sisal - Carpet StylesSisal

A loop pile made with textured loops in straight rows in contrasting colours, with larger gaps between varying heights of the loop, giving a patterned, classic appearance.

multilevel - Carpet StylesTextured Loop Pile

Made using varying heights of rows of continuous loops which gives a textured effect to the carpet. This style makes the carpet very durable and hardwearing.

cut - Carpet StylesCut & Loop Pile

A combination of level loops and cut tufts, this carpet is soft with a smooth feel and stylish finish.

plush - Carpet StylesPlush Cut Pile

Plush cut pile is made from yarn with a slight twist. Each tuft is cut at the same height which creates an extremely soft and plush looking carpet. Cut piles do have a tendency to show tracking.

hardtwist - Carpet StylesHard Twist Cut Pile

A cut pile that is constructed using a higher twisted yarn which makes the pile lay in different directions. This gives the carpet a more textured appearance, is hard wearing and maintains its finish.

woven - Carpet StylesWoven Axminster

Axminster is a weaving process where cut tufts of yarn are inserted, creating pattern definition. This is a soft carpet due to the cut pile.